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with Pain
and  many other
Health Problems
  • Sport/ Work/ Household Traumas

  • Mental/ Emotional Issues, Stress management

  • Problems with Digestion, Allergy, Skin, Reproduction, Vision, Stamina, Concentration, Immune system, Etc

  • Pain: Any type, Anywhere

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Deep Relaxation

Activate Inner Healing Potential

The best doctor in the world is inside of your body. You've got everything necessary to get well. You just need to let it happen. Deep relaxation will allow the body heal itself.

Life Style and Foods Adjustments

Patient's Commitment to Recovery

True healing happens only when patient and doctor work together to restore one's health. Positive changes in patient's life style will yield long lasting results and prevent the problem from coming back in the future.


Speeds Up Body's Healing

Acupuncture "jump starts" healing mechanisms providing fast change in pain pattern and facilitates coordination between different systems of the body, for the purpose of faster recovery and remediation of a whole person.

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